Aged Care Guide: How To Choose A Nursing Home For Your Loved One

A lot comes into play when choosing an appropriate aged care facility. Nursing homes, in particular, are best suited for seniors who require 24/7 medical attention. Unlike other aged care facilities, admission to a nursing home is often made in a hurry since the patient needs dire medical help. However, it is always wise to conduct due diligence to ensure your loved one will receive the best possible care at the facility. The article offers some insights that caregivers should consider when choosing a nursing home for their loved one. 


Location becomes a vital consideration since friends and family would want to visit your loved one at the facility. Therefore, it would be wise to go for a centrally located facility where friends and family can visit at their convenience. As a rule of thumb, you should also ensure that the facility has the licenced required to run. 


Conduct detailed research to establish the facility's specialisation. For example, some facilities could deal with cancer-related illnesses, while others specialise in mobility issues. Assess the expertise, qualifications and experience of doctors and nurses at the facility. It is a sure way to gauge service quality. 

It would also be wise to check client reviews over the internet to determine how families of patients who have been at the nursing home rate their services. If you find numerous positive reviews, you should have peace of mind knowing that your loved one will receive the best medical care. 

Accommodation Arrangements

Call the nursing home and inquire about the available accommodation arrangements. For example, there are instances when you may want your loved one living in their own fully equipped ward. In other cases, you may like them to live alongside other seniors. 

Admission Contracts 

The admission contract will help you know the facility's terms and conditions. One of your concerns would be the visiting hours. Some nursing homes will have specified visiting hours, while others have a relaxed visitation policy to ensure you can see your loved one at any time. Inquire how the nursing home monitors their patients. For instance, some homes will have nurses on rotation all day at night. Besides, they have a doctor on-site to attend to complex medical issues. Assess the nursing home's pricing. For example, do they charge per day, week or month? Do they accept patients who need short-term care? Do they bulk bill their patients? Finally, check how you should make the payments and what would happen if you cannot make payments on time. 

When choosing a nursing home, consider its location, specialisation, accommodation arrangements and admission terms.