4 Tips For Choosing a Retirement Community When You're Single

If you've found yourself single in your later years, you're not alone. Around 40% of Australians aged 65 to 84 currently live alone with no partner. Despite that, there's little advice out there on choosing a retirement community when you're single. If you're thinking of moving into an aged living residence without a partner in tow, here are four tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose a retirement community with activities

While those in a relationship may feel content to spend most of their time at home, many single seniors find themselves getting bored more easily. For many senior singles, the idea of moving into a retirement community can be daunting since there's often a perception that there'll be little to enjoy. In reality, however, there are residences all around the country that provide plenty of activities to enjoy. The key is to visit different communities and find one with activities you're interested in, whether that's sports, classes, volunteering opportunities, day trips or special events like movie screenings. 

2. Consider living near family

When you're single, your family can often become an emotional rock and an even more important part of your life. If you're worried about feeling lonely in your later years, consider choosing a retirement community near where your children live. Gone are the days when retiring to a residence meant moving miles away. These days, you'll find communities in every corner of the country. Living near family means more time to spend with your grandchildren and peace of mind in emergencies. If you're worried about burdening your loved ones by living nearby, don't be. Many retirement communities are designed so that residents and staff can help each other out when needed, so you won't need to call your children every time you need a hand.

3. Look for a financial safety net program

For many seniors, being single means having less money in the bank. As such, it's a good idea for single seniors to choose retirement communities that have a financial safety net program in place. If you outlive your nest egg, a financial safety net will ensure that you won't have to leave your home. These programs use support from government programs and donors to provide for those in need.

4. Consider a larger retirement community

If you're happy on your own, there's no reason you need to go looking for love in your later years. However, if you would still like to keep dating, you may have more luck moving into a larger retirement community rather than an intimate residence. The more residents there are around you, the more opportunity you'll have to meet like-minded individuals to live out the rest of your years with.

Contact a local retirement living facility to get more tips.