A Guide On Independent Senior Living

Independent living is an ideal option for seniors who wish to live in their homes as they age. Most seniors presume that independent living is stress-free. However, this is not always the case since independent living requires adequate preparation. Below is an excerpt detailing how seniors can prepare to live independently. 

Your immediate concern should be whether you will live in your home or downsize to a smaller house. Downsizing is an ideal option for seniors who intend to live alone. Besides, it is cheaper to live in a smaller home. On the other hand, you could opt to live in your house if you are sentimentally attached to the property (say it was an inheritance or a family house). Seniors who wish to continue living with their family members might be hesitant about moving into a new property. 

Regardless of where you choose to live, you must make your house age-friendly. Below are a few renovations you should consider: 

  • Eliminate slippery surfaces in your home. For example, you could use non-slip tiles or anti-slip mats.
  • Install ramps or elevators to make the house accessible when using a wheelchair. Additionally, make the bathroom disability-friendly.
  • Use appliances that have simple controls. It is a sure way to counter memory-related problems.
  • Install open, low-lying shelves in your house. Remember, you could experience difficulties accessing high-reach shelves.
  • With adequate funds, install medical alarms to alert your loved ones or health care providers of medical emergencies. 

Other than making your home age-friendly, ask for a building surveyor's report to determine whether the property requires urgent repairs. Remember, it will be difficult to repair the property once you age. Repair shifting foundations, leaking roofs, and warped slabs. Besides, make the house energy efficient to reduce the costs of running the house. If you do not have sufficient funds, take out a home improvement loan or refinance your current mortgage. 

Seniors that wish to live independently must assess their medical needs. For instance, how frequently do you require to visit your doctor? Move into a home that is close to a medical facility if you will make regular visits to your doctor. Alternatively, you could ask your doctor to conduct home visits. If your health deteriorates, hire a caregiver to provide medical attention. 

You should now find it easy to live independently. Determine the need to move out of your home, make your property age-friendly, repair your home and assess your health needs.